This Finite Life

This Finite Life
* In memory of Amy Winehouse, whose death made me think of my own choices and the mortality we all face.

Some days, conscious breathing
is required. Inconstant days, these,
and breath-holding cannot be helped, 
but over and over, the choice
to inhale must be made: survive or die.

Anxiety. Asthma. Addiction. Breathing
is a choice, and a difficult one, 
some days. 
                      Some days 
life bats you against a wall
and screams your name,
over and over, constant as the sea. 
The tide in you can't be tamed. 

Some days, breath is a choice.

Some days all there is is choice, 
one moment by one moment, 
choosing over and over because 
absolutely, the absolute is finite. 
And the next moment you have
may not be yours to choose.