Through the Viewfinder

Collage of TtV photos taken with my 90mm lens

As suspected (and hoped) the 90mm macro lens and my new Brownie Hawkeye seem to be best friends already.

While the iPod photos were all round (I was shooting close into the mirror so the angle was totally different because you can't crop iPod touch photos as much as you can crop the ones from my DSLR) and blurry, the "proper technique" of TtV gives square photos, like this:

With the 90mm lens before cropping

I'm basically holding the Brownie at my waist level (or here, it's on the floor) and have my digital camera shooting straight down at the viewfinder. 

To process the photo, I straighten the edges and then crop it down to just the square. 

Now, there are all sorts of contraptions one can build to remove glare (this wikipedia link has a great one, shot into a mirror so you can see it clearly). I haven't had a chance to build one, but so far the glare hasn't bothered me too much (I can work around it/ incorporate it for effect).

I actually like the iPod photos a lot, too, because they're really different and unusual.

These were taken with the iPod
There's something slightly more sureal and intense about them, when I got it just right. Now, that was fairly difficult to do, because finding the right angle to shoot at was much harder on the iPod touch than with my DSLR. 

This is uncropped, straight out of the iPod touch.

My 50mm lens (which is all I brought for my DSLR last weekend to the house we stayed at) also takes some nice TtV shots.

Being a wider angle, you can see more of the Brownie and the surface I'd put it on for stability (our cooler). 

And then cropped down: 

As you can tell, I'm having fun playing around and experimenting with my new toy! 

Next up: figuring out how to shoot video through it...