The End of August

It has been a crazy month, this August. 

First we moved (actually, technically, we moved the last three days of July) and that began this whole unpacking-is-taking-so-long saga of woe and dismay. I may or may not have felt overly sorry for myself and let that get in the way of actually getting stuff done. Oops.

It was hothothot. And then it cooled down enough that I thought it was fall already. But it isn't, it's just not hothothot. (It's highs in the low 80s instead of the mid 90s, as this month started out. Next week's going to be highs in the mid 70s. Oy.)

There was an earthquake and a threatening hurricane (which downgraded to a tropical storm in my area). And knock-on-wood, we were lucky and felt no impact from either. 

We kept unpacking. We got closer to the end. (And even closer today!) We decided the best way to finish would be to throw an epic Labor Day Weekend/ Anniversary/ Open House party. It should be awesome. I'll let you know.

We registered our boy for his new school and today, finalized that yes, thank goodness they have room in the right program for him and woohoo I don't have to tear my hair out in chunks, worrying! 

Between school starting next week and finding a new (seemingly very awesome) babysitter, I am feeling like I will finally have some more room to breath (and work, on this blog and my etsy shop and maybe even on my first paid gig, in Oct? Fingers crossed). 

We went to the park a few times, but probably not enough because it was hot. We'll go more in September. We are go-to-the-park people, yes we are.

I lost my photo mojo during the move (although I took almost a thousand photos on my iPod this month, so it wasn't all that lost). And then on a whim, I decided to take my dslr to the park and I found my mojo again. Whew! And then after Irene passed, I went outside with the  dslr and fell in love with our hydrangeas. Mojo fully restored. Massive hydrangea post/ book/ something in the works!

Um, yeah. August was awesome. Hardcore, hectic and hot, but awesome. 

Bring it on, September!