Getting Worse Before Getting Better

Calm before the storm.

Moving into a house (an amazing, awesome house that I am already starting to love very much) without air conditioning in the middle of the summer may not have been the brightest plan ever.

We bought two window a/c units on Monday, but we've only installed one. We can't agree yet on where to put the other one, so we decided to wait and see.

With the attic fan (a major selling point to eco-conscious us), the one a/c is doing pretty good keeping the downstairs habitable (at 79/81 degrees) and at night everything cools down to the point we have to turn both the fan and the a/c off.

But the lack of central air and the higher house temperature during the day means I am supremely unmotivated to organize and unpack. (It doesn't help at all that there are three floors, including the basement, and stuff is very randomly placed and I had a cold earlier this week. Plus PMS/ PMDD. And my asthma's acting up.)

So, there's been a lot of times when I felt like I'm about to explode like a powder keg. I forgot -- no I knew, I was just hoping it would be over quicker -- how awful this whole moving thing is, especially at the end. Everything is out of sorts, including me.

Especially me, truth be told.

But. The house is so amazingly well suited to us.

Even though I hate stairs, the upstairs is so quiet (especially with the attic fan) that I can easily sleep in (and so can Remy!). And having a finished basement with normal stairs instead of a scary dungeon with rickety, narrow stairs (like our rental) means doing laundry isnt quite as big a chore.

There are little thoughtful touches throughout the house. The garbage can slides out of the base of the cabinet under the kitchen sink. There are two sets of blinds in almost every window (the better to make the house dark and conserve energy -- alas, I crave the light, so I find myself opening windows and letting in heat accidentally). There's a key box next to the front door to hang keys. Little details like this make a house a joy to live in. Despite the lack of central air.

We are slowly but surely making this house ours. It is slower than I'd like, to be sure, but it is happening.

And meanwhile, I'm cultivating patience yet again. Patience with myself and with others. Patience with slowness and heat and boxes. Patience with not knowing where everything is. Patience with boredom and all the different ways different people cope. Patience with figuring out things.

Over and over. World without end. Amen.