My Kingdom for a Standing Desk!

We've now been to IKEA two days in a row, and tomorrow makes three. This is in addition to the one or possibly two times we went last week.

What can I say? I love Swedish meatballs. And Remy likes playing at "kia." A lot. And it seems reasonable to play inside, what with the rain we've been having (and before that, the heat!).

More than a few of those times we've left without buying anything except food... I really am a sucker for those meatballs. My quasi-vegetarian ideals be damned, meatballs with gravy and mashed potatoes and lingonberries are awesome! My Swedish ancestors would probably not recognize this food as theirs, but it is yummy. And cheap.

But really, I just need a damn computer table. I've gotten used to standing while I'm typing and I don't want to go back to sitting. But we don't have an extra countertop to stand at here at our new house. So I need a countertop high desk.

The ones they sell specifically for standing are ugly and expensive.

So, I was thinking I'd just buy a bistro table (that's about the right height). But I just couldn't find what I wanted at a price that made sense. If I'm gonna spend money on a table/ desk, I want it to be beautiful and seem worth the money, you know?

After much googling/ Pinterest searching, I finally decided on something today that made me really happy and then we got home and found out the legs will not work with the table top I loved. (There was a big picture with a cross through it in the instructions. Nothing about that that I saw in-store, though. I even checked the maximum weight for the legs!)


I spent the afternoon being deeply annoyed I wouldn't get to have my pretty glass top standing desk.

Then I realized I could use my google-fu and lo and behold, I found trestle legs that should give me the right height with this table top! I'm crossing my fingers and returning the other legs tomorrow.

I'm hoping to have my office set up by tomorrow afternoon.

That is, if there aren't any other snafus.