"Show 'Em What You're Worth"

Driving home from my friend's house today, I listened to NPR to make sure there hadn't been any serious damage from today's earthquake (which I did not feel and only heard about when my mom called to ask if I'd felt it). 

They were doing the "everything's fine in DC and fine in NYC" press conference wrap-up, which didn't tell me much of anything about the rest of the area, so I eventually changed back to a music station. 

And once again, the lyrics of "Firework" caught me unawares and I belted them out (I'm a little on the fence about liking Katy Perry's music, but more often than not I find myself singing along when she comes on the radio): "come on show 'em what you're worth." Yes, indeed, I thought. Let's DO it! Let's show 'em what we're worth!

(I get kind of pumped up, singing to the radio in the car, can you tell?)

Sometimes it feels like it isn't often that we get a chance to "show our worth." Every day living can be too stressful to highlight the importance of being kind to other people*. We all know that other people (and our own selves, if we are being honest) can be rude and selfish, most of the time. 

Major (and minor) catastrophe's seem better at bringing out the kindness in people**. A reporter for NPR recalled being in the center of Columbus square as strangers offered each other comfort and shared water and news. 

A major news channel showcasing the quality of the people we live with, that gave me hope***. And optimism. And filled me with with much love for my fellow humans.

It is too easy to be cynical. We need more confirmation of the world's goodness, we need more acts of kindness. We need more love, not less. 

In a world that shakes without warning, let kindness be the stability that holds our culture together. That's my prayer for today. 

Actually, that's my prayer everyday, that I can show you what I'm worth by being kind.

Yes, indeed.

* It's is still important to be kind every day.

** Except when horrifically, they don't, and people take advantage of the situation to cause more mayhem and wreckage.

*** If you haven't read Jack Layton's last letter, which these words of mine allude to, please follow this link and do so. He was a great Canadian statesman and will surely be missed.