This week, Rosh Hashanah starts.

I knew we'd found the right synagogue for us when, during his talk on Friday night, the Rabbi ended with, "It is not enough to hear the sound of the shofar, you have to do the work."

Yes. And yes!

Each year, Jews are given the communal opportunity to bring ourselves closer in alignment to our deepest values. (Every religion has a turning point of the year similar to this. And even our secular New Year can be done in a similarly reflective, communal way.)

I would argue that every moment we are given this choice on a personal level.

Where are you living from? Love? Fear? Desire? Choice? Submission? Shock? Awe? Creativity? Connectivity? Separation? Independence? Heroism?

And does that align with your deepest value?

Perhaps it is time for less judgement of other people's values (or even of their unconscious living) and more attunement with our own selves. Perhaps this year, when we hear the sound of the shofar (or for you who aren't Jewish, when you ring in your own New Year), we can look inward and touch that deep stillness within and begin from that, from that place of deepest quiet.

What do you need to start doing to live in alignment with yourself?

I'm taking the time this week to answer these questions, but I already hear my answer calling: less digital time. More time in stillness and silence. More art and more connection. More enchantment in my free wandering life.

I wish you the blessings of this season, as we move towards the longer nights (or for my friends on the other half of the globe, the longer days). May the enchantment of your days spark the inward journey that awakens your inner self and allows you to shine your self into the world.