A Blurry Children's Party

Oh. My. Goodness.

We went to a (very fun) birthday party yesterday that was very sensory overload. At first Remy did not want to go into the building (too loud, too crazy, too much!) but our host suggested going to the party room through the back entrance (which was a bit of a trek, through some mud) and that did the trick.

It was much quieter in the back, and as soon as he saw his friends, Rems was happy as a clam and joyfully marched with everyone down to the previously too-overwhelming play area. 

There were bumper cars! (You may have to trust me on this.)

In order to quell my ZOMG, THIS PLACE IS SO LOUD I CANNOT THINK overwhelm (I was not the only adult having this problem), I relied on my trusty camera to put me back into a zen space. It really helped. I didn't focus on taking "party photos" I focused on the moment in front of me and how very beautiful it was, when it was blurry.

I did take photos that were (relatively) in focus. They're OK (except maybe the iPod ones, we'll see - also, I got some great video!). The blurry ones? I LOVE.

And there were claw machines (not photographed) that I spent all the provided tokens on, trying to win a Nano. (Yeah, didn't win it. Came close! Not close enough to spend my own money on, tho.)

And then we came home and had as mellow an evening as possible.

Sometimes a little overwhelm is ok. In small doses.

But it helps to be able to blur it out of focus a little. Just enough to dampen it down and let myself breathe.

Just breathe.