The First Day of Kindergarten!

Remy was so excited for his first day at his new school this morning. So very excited to meet his new teacher. So extremely excited to meet (and make) new friends.

And most of all? So veryveryvery excited to ride the bus again!

His preschool's extended school year in June/ July had no bus in the budget, so we carpooled with his BF. Which worked out great, but Remy's been jonesing for the bus. 

He'd point out all the buses he wasn't riding this summer. Not in a "throw a fit" way, but just noticing. (Just as he notices trains and animals and all the other things he loves.) Happy noticing. The best kind.

As soon as we started getting ready this morning, he was happy and excited, and amazingly patient since we didn't know exactly when the bus would arrive.

He kept watch at the window and then beside the front door, and finally we stood on the front steps, waiting. Under a rainbow umbrella, because it's raining.

"Be ready by 8am" we were told. And sure enough, the bus arrived at 8:06, not too long a wait.

He's so happy to be riding the bus again, a full fledged kindergartner. I'm so happy he loves the bus and school.

So much love. So very much.