Heavy Hearted Links

I went to bed last night, and woke up this morning, with a heavy heart.

Troy Davis was executed.

And now I wonder: why did I only put links on my facebook? Why not here? Although I don't think Georgia or even the Supreme Court was really listening to those of us signing and calling in support, what if?

I do not often put links to causes here. I save that for facebook. But not everyone who reads this blog is friended with my personal page (as opposed to my public page, where the only links are links connected to this blog or my etsy).

Still, I do not know that it would have made a difference. The justice system is heavily rigged and there was too much forward momentum in getting Mr Davis executed. (Three stays, recantations from most of the eye witnesses, and still they moved forward.)

And so, my heart is heavy.

Join Amnesty International and Murder Victim's Families for Reconcilliation.

Help us abolish the death penalty.

Stand up. Make a difference.

If not now, when?