Hello September!

Today we went and splashed. It's already a little too chilly in the shade for getting soaking wet so we didn't stay too long, but obviously it was fun!

When we came home, I unpacked a bazillion boxes (ok, six) and and managed to put most of the contents away, though some is still scattered on the floor, waiting. As are a few more boxes. Wow.

I'm feeling more and more happy with how my art/ office space is shaping up.

My desk is collecting special items that I love and while it is very cluttered at the moment, it is also very *me*, in a tangible way. All Lexie, all the time: Lexielicious.

I also found many pretty little paintings that I painted, back when I was still painting. There have been a few times this year when I had to stop myself from buying paint; we had no space for more stuff. Now? I have space. I think some of those paintings may just turn out to be backgrounds for what comes next... We'll see!

I am, once again, in a "we'll see" space... It's rather delicious, when it isn't nerve-racking and/ or irritating (or sometimes all three). You can't fight the ocean, so you might as well learn to surf the waves.

After dinner, we made a fire on our back deck, in our lovely new fire-pit and just sat and admired our fire for awhile. Such a simple yet awesome thing, fire. Elemental.

We had no marshmallows, so Remy made pretend ones, of leaves, and put them on sticks he collected in the yard. One for each of us. His imagination makes my heart smile.

(Note: we did not actually stick our pretend marshmallows in the fire, but we did burn some other leaves to help get it started and oh boy, was that smokey!)

And now I'm already ready for my bedtime, though I'm also considering a bath with some Epsom salts and essential oils. I think sleep may win out, though, as it's been a long couple of days and I've been going to bed too late for my own good. And it's getting later and later as I write, but I wanted to remember this day.

It was a gorgeous day. Ordinary. Simple. Filled with beauty, abounding.

Welcome, September. Welcome.