Home for the Day

My kindergartner (!) is home from school today. (He's not really sick, but he wasn't feeling well enough to get up this morning, and since I do have a bit of a body ache and he does feel a little warm, we kept him home, just to be safe.)

I think everyone should have a "sick" day now and again. A snuggly, stay home, lounge, reading books and watching fun videos kind of sick day, not an actual sick day. Actual sick days really suck, obviously.

I love being able to provide "sick days" for my kid. That I can be here, with him, and didn't have to call myself in sick or worry that  I was losing money, not going in to work. (Money's already lost, since I don't have a real job and this blogging/ etsy thing *still* isn't raking in the dough, not that I'm complaining, because really, I'm not ready yet for it to be. That's what it comes down to. I'm not there yet. Maybe I will be, maybe I won't. We'll see. That's part of the crossroads I find myself in this September.)

That said, I also love having days to myself, and working on my art/ writing, and when he's home, I don't have that so much. So, I'm also glad school has started up and that the every-once-in-awhile "sick" day is just that, a sick day, and not a all-the-time thing. (Summer vacation was starting to wear me down!)

So, today, I'll be helping build forts and making sure the boy who only wants to eat ice cream (even when it comes in The Wrong Kind of Cone!) eats some apples and bagels and, I dunno, pizza or something. 

It is a "sick" day, after all. 

(Even if I'm the only one taking ibuprofen!)