Lexie Link Love! The Digital Diet Edition!

Using the Web "Selfishly" -- by Milagro Girl. About surfing intentionally and filling yourself up instead of mindlessly consuming. This is a short, wise article. Write your own response in your heart (or on your blog). PS: I think Facebook needs to count here, too. And Twitter.

Speaking of which, I checked this book, The Digital Diet out of the library last week and read most of it yesterday. It was a good reality check. I actually do a lot of the action items listed in the book Zero inbox? Check. Limiting my friends on social networks to people I "actually" know? Check. Mostly. Lately, I've been adding in some people I don't really know well and I'm finding I have mixed emotions about that. I'll sit with it a bit.

I think my bigger issue is in using my iPod touch before I go to sleep. If there are interesting things, it makes falling asleep all the harder. So, I am thinking about putting a curfew on my web-time. As in many of my experiments, this one may fail or I may really take to it. Hard to say. I think maybe starting an "opposite morning pages" habit (in other words, before bed pages!) might be more helpful than just saying "no" to my iPod. Or meditating. I fell off the meditation wagon when we moved, I could go back to that...

On the other hand, staying up late following random people's Pinterest boards is awesome, as it leads me to amazing new finds (and creative spurts -- more on this next week!).

Mae Chevrette's art and blog are something I found earlier this week in a fit of insomniac web surfing. Holy Wow, I love her vision. I can totally see saving up to buy one of her huge pieces. Wow. (Also, I think that quote is amazing.)

Mae linked to another wedding photographer (oh, what is it with me and wedding photographers? I love them. But I don't really love weddings all that much and I don't think shooting weddings is something I want to do. But wow. I mean, the shots are just gorgeous. Mmmmmhmmm) who wrote a piece on camera equipment, reiterating the old (true) axiom: it isn't the camera, it's the eye behind the camera.

But do get at least one good lens.