Awesometasticmazing Love

Yesterday, Remy had a day that included several potential meltdowns which never quite happened, until the very end of the day when he just cried for five minutes while I sat with him. I had patience and was grateful and filled with love for him. That was big. It is easy to buy into the upset. Patience is work. I have been practicing and working and I felt a wave of love to myself and to him, for weathering the storm.

Last night, Remy had a bad dream that he reported to me. This is huge. Huge. This is the second dream he's talked about (that I know of), but the first one he talked about without prompting. I was filled with love that he wanted to share that dream with me, and have me stay with him while he went back to sleep. It's easy to buy into the "you woke me up and I'm upset" (I am a person who needs my sleep) but I didn't. I have been practicing and working towards this. I felt a wave of love to us, and to all who wake up in the night needing comfort or being needed to comfort.

This boy, he is growing and growing and he is so filled with love and passion.

This boy, he is amazing.

I am blessed.