An Explosion of Sidewalk Chalk Creativity

The last few days, every surface of our yard that can be written on is being covered with sidewalk chalk. And then the "rain" we're having washes it away and he starts over again, which is almost-but-not-quite reminiscent of one of my favorite movies, Fifty First Dates, where Drew Barrymore's character repaints the garage every day and her dad and brother whitewash it every night to allow her be able to paint the next day because every day she wakes up thinking it is her father's birthday. (They take photos to document her creativity. You see why it is one of my favorite movies?)

My son's artistic side has long been a wonderment to me (I don't remember drawing so much or so carefully) but of course, it runs in the family (on both sides -- I have seen drawings my husband and his brother did as little kids). I think as soon as I started writing, words took over images, but Remy also incorporates a lot of words (and numbers) in his drawings, so maybe he's following me there, too.

He is his own person, though, unique and amazing. Oh, how I love being his mama! He takes the things he loves and puts them out there in the chalk: Skippyjon Jones and Lightening McQueen and the solar system are favorites at this moment.

The neighbor kids join in sometimes and they're more like me, doing abstract shapes and just messing around with the colors, which is also awesome, but not quite as amazing to behold as what is coming out of Remy.

Remy just goes for it, straight out for the jugular of whatever is in his head. It comes flowing out. He doesn't stop to think or ponder. He does stop to admire and occasionally has to do some running/ climbing or dancing in between bouts of drawing.

I'm writing this listening to my gLee station on Pandora and I have taken a few dance breaks of my own, in between words. Who can stand still when their favorite music plays?

This is the only way I know to be creative, to be in the flow of art: just go for the jugular. Keep flowing, keep getting it all out. And then step back and admire it all a little and get my dance on.

Let your creativity flow out of you, then step back and admire it all and get your dance on. Do it this weekend if you can't manage to do it during the week.

And post a link if you blog about it, so we can step back and admire each other's creative flow!