Lexie Link Love!

The Awesome Books Edition

I started rereading The Lord of the Rings again this morning. I have lost count, but it is likely that this is over the fifth time I have read it (probably more like 7th or 8th). There's something about fall that inspires a reread, for me. (And then, as I do many years, I will probably rewatch the movies on my birthday, in December.)

Yesterday, I finished Good Omens. Which was written in 1990! And which I had never read, despite pretty much insanely loving everything Neil Gaiman has ever done. (Even those things which are too scary for my actual consumption -- I still haven't finished Neverwhere, despite having started two times. Third time may be the charm, but it won't be this year, I don't think.) Well, Good Omens was mostly written by Terry Pratchett, but I also like his books a lot, too. So it is weird that I'd never read this one.

The best irony of all is that one of my best friends mentioned it on her blog Saturday! (She also made two book recommendations of her own, which I'll find and read shortly.)

Also randomly, the other book she mentions is The Sparrow, which was going to be part of my Master's Thesis.

Love the connections!

As I usually do, I am also dipping into a non-fiction book while I read the (seriously long) fiction that is my greatest love. This week it is another library book: Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life (by Karen Armstrong).

All this reading comes about after having finished over the summer the (so far) five book series called formally, A Song of Ice and Fire, but colloquially known better as Game of Thrones (because of the HBO series, which I have not yet seen). I had a bit of a hard time coming up with something compelling to read after all that. Whew. Five mega fantastical books (and it STILL isn't finished!!!!!!). I was going to read some Guy Gavriel Kay (since he's the bees knees and is my favorite author in the whole universe, yes, even more than Neil Gaiman, I know I am breaking some geek rules by saying that, but it is my TRUTH) but all my favorite books of his seemed to depressing. Good Omens was happily not depressing in the slightest and was a good segue back to the realm of book-that-aren't-a-thousand-pages long and five-books-with-two-more-being-written deep.

Ach, there's not much linkage (outside of wikipedia) in my Lexie Link Love this week! Consider this a reminder to go to the library and find yourself a good book.