Lexie Link Love!

I missed Love Your Body Day yesterday, mostly because I was still in recovery mode, loving my body. (I was feeling much better already yesterday and today I woke up not feeling sick at all! Huzzah!)

So, let's dedicate this as "Love Your Body Lexie Link Love!" day and do an overview:

Marizipan's post has a lot of great links attached (click through!), including several to her archives which are totally worth reading. (And also a link to Rosie Molinary's blog, which is really absolutely wonderful. I am hoping to read her book soon!)

This poem [link fixed on Oct 25, 2018] posted on Patti Digh's blog 37 Days, wasn't written for Love Your Body Day, but it is about loving your body and so I am recommending you read it and pencil in time to sit in the sun today. Tony Hoagland. Deep Love. [and may his memory be for a blessing.]

Writer and life coach Rachel Cole posited a really intriguing question in her Roots of She post this week: how would how you treat your body be different if you were pregnant right now? Leaving aside the freaking out because it just isn't physically possible (or desired) for some of us, how would your relationship to your body change if your were carrying a new being inside?

Rachel's 11 Books that Changed My Life is also worth reading, if only to pick up some new titles to look for at the library!

And I would be remiss if I didn't point you back in time to the guest post I wrote for Soul Spackle this summer: Be Crazy in Love With Yourself.

Much love, my peeps. Much love.