One Page of Apps or: Simplify Your iPhone/ iPod Touch

Screen shot from this morning.
This is a screen shot of my iPod touch from this morning. I have one page of apps and, as you can see, most of them are photography/ video apps! I'm sure most people don't have so many, but I actually use all of these on a regular basis, so they remain for now. (If I had to choose two, I'd probably go with Leme Cam and 8mm. Leme Cam was free. 8mm was $1.99.)

Why are all my apps on one page? And what's with the folders? (And for my mom, who might ask, what are apps? Click here!)

Simplicity. Oh, beautiful simplicity. It makes my life easier.

When I first got my iPod, I went a little crazy in the apps department. Soon, I was up to four or five pages of (free) apps, and swiping between all those pages was confusing. I quickly figured out that I could organize the apps (photo apps on one page, games on another). But I was still swiping. And, quite frankly, most of my apps were superfluous.

So, I started editing: Delete. Delete. Delete. Anything I didn't use, I deleted. (You can always reinstall apps that you have deleted, since they "live" in your iTunes in perpetuity.)

That brought me down to less apps and fewer pages, but then I discovered folders and my iPod simplified even more*.

Factory settings: too minimalist for me!
And then, during the last update, my iPod froze and I had to restore it to factory settings. And after the restore, I was really super conscious about which apps I put back on my iPod and I managed to get down to one page.

That was in June, and since then, I've been able to keep myself at one page of apps, despite having downloaded more apps. (I am constantly deciding on what to delete and what to keep.) 

This morning, after I took this screen shot (and backed up my iPod and put all the photos on picasa), I decided to update my OS and wouldn't you know it, it froze during the update and I had to restore it to factory settings again on a different computer. This is what it currently looks like:

Since I did do a back-up, I tried to do a "restore from back-up." It didn't work, so I'll have to start from scratch and just re-install apps myself.

That is slightly more irritating/ time consuming, but will probably pave the way to an even more minimalist iPod touch.

Which is something I do not mind one single bit.

* I know a lot of minimalist writers tend to advocate having simple wallpaper, but mine is a photo of Remy and I that's a really special moment to me and I love how his eye peeps out from under the apps.

Also, I have no interest in jailbreaking my iPod, but if you do, there are ways to get even more minimalist.