Scenes from a Wintery Autumn

We've been spending time out in the snow with Remy, who has been enjoying throwing angry red birds (snowballs) at happy green pigs (bushes). A more physical approach to Angry Birds than the game, but one we all think is pretty fun. His enthusiasm is contagious.

Anyhow, any excuse for a photowalk! Even one in my own backyard!

I am amazed at the contrast between the snow and all the autumn colors.

It really wasn't all that much snow, but because it was so heavy, there was lots of damage. This area survived Hurricane Irene with fairly little damage, but this snowstorm has left a lot of people without power, including (I believe), Remy's school. We had a snow day today, and it looks like there will be no school tomorrow, either.

The snow in our yard is almost melted. The power will return to our neighbors (hopefully sooner rather than later!). The branches that have come down will be cut up and set out for the city to pick up (and turn into mulch).

Life continues, bit by bit (except for those for whom it does not). Normality returns.

And apparently Halloween trick or treating has been rescheduled for Friday.

Buzz Lightyear did not get that memo.

Which is ok, because Everyday is Halloween for some of us.

However you celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful day!