blessings dropping their blossoms

Some days I just need a good kick in the pants. Today I woke up to a gray morning and I knew I needed to go beyond my normal gratitude practice.

Here are my "blessings dropping their blossoms," as Rumi puts it:

* My family is healthy (aside from a minor cold going through again, which I have yet to catch, knock wood).

* I have easy access to organic, fair trade, french roast coffee. And hot water. And sugar and cream. Bliss.

* I am neither houseless nor homeless.

* Strong emotions are part of what makes life so awesome for me. Yes, they get me into trouble (when I am mad, I am very very mad), but practicing mindfulness helps and I have many years of practice under my belt. I am still human.

* My camera, while older by digital standards, is an amazing piece of machinery that has not failed me yet. As much as I would like a dslr that has video, I do not need dslr with video.

* The choices I have made were all made with love and deliberation and research. I go with my gut, but I research the heck out of most of my choices. It's a good combo. 

* There is beauty all around me. All. Around. And I am blessed to be able to contribute to that beauty, through art and creativity and appreciation and cultivation. So much beauty.

So much beauty.