Last year, I picked a word to describe the year I wanted to have ahead of me: exploration. 

And oh-my-gosh, I have most certainly spent this year in exploration mode. From exploring new cities and new modes of creativity, to moving and growing as a photographer and writer. This was an amazing (and exhausting, but in a mostly great way) year!

I'm not sure I will be doing reverb11 (self-prompted or not) this year, but I still feel called to pick a word, to shape next year in seen and unforeseen ways:


I need to start believing my own words, my own dream, my own vision. That truly, truly, I can do this. (*This* being several personal and creative goals, not just one thing.) I can dream big and set huge goals and believe that I can make them happen.

Just as exploration is part of my nature (and I will never stop exploring), belief is (and has always been) a strong part of me. Picking this one word as my guidepost for next year is just putting it in place as a touchstone, as a way to guide me towards where I am (already) headed.


Yes, indeed.