Haphazard Knitting

My latest WIP is the Citron Shawl, by Hilary Smith Callis, from the winter 2009 issue of Knitty. I am, of course, knitting it with a different gauge of yarn, so who knows how it will turn out! That's my wabi sabi knitting style, in a nutshell. It looks pretty, so far. I love this colorway so very much.

I don't knit very often.

That's been the case since I first started, way back when I was 16 or 17. Back then, I knit even more haphazardly than I do now. I didn't know how to bind off and after awhile, I forgot how to cast on, too. I had a very, very awful wip (work in progress) that I'd pull out every once in awhile and stitch a few rows on.

Is it any wonder there were holes all through that first scarf?

There aren't any holes in my projects now! Unless they're meant to be there, that is.

Then when I was in my late twenties, it seemed like suddenly knitting was popular again. I resisted for awhile, but remembering how much I did like even the very basic (and horrible) knitting I had been able to do, I went online and tried to remember how to knit.

I managed to finish a few very simple projects and even though I was knitting into the back of the stitch by mistake (user error), I managed not to drop any stitches and I even figured out how to bind off. The internet is useful!

Then we moved into a place that was within walking distance of a yarn shop and I signed up for lessons. What a difference! Within one lesson, I got corrected on all the weird mistakes I was making and I spent the rest of the lessons figuring out how to follow patterns.

This shawl is probably one of the most labor intensive patterns I've ever knit, but seems worth it, so far.

All those years of working on one scarf (holes be damned) meant I had pretty good patience and fairly even tension. I knit Continental style but I hold my needles in a really unique way, I've had several older knitters tell me they've never seen someone knit like me -- since it works, I don't care to change styles just because it looks different!

While I was going through infertility (waiting for Remy), I knit a lot, but less than most knitters I know. After he was born, I didn't knit for a long time (it just didn't seem practical to knit with a little baby in my arms) and then I started making him longies and shorties (wool pants/ shorts that can be used as a cloth diaper cover) and that was basically the extent of my knitting. I'd knit up one or two pairs for him and then be done for a year.

Oh, I always had another project on the needles (for me, or for a friend) but sometimes it would take me forever to finish some of those projects. (I knit a skirty for a friend's baby that I didn't finish until her baby was um, probably 2. Oops.)

Dood, I wish this was going to be a skirt for me... I've thought about altering the pattern to try to figure that out, but it would take more yarn than I have.

I did manage to finish a purse for a friend's birthday once, and in the process taught myself how to crochet (so I could do easier ruffles on the edge) and that opened up a new world of knitting because it made hats easier (I hate seaming hats. And I hate hate hate double pointed needles. So I started crocheting the crown of the hat and then knitting the rest, which is oh so awesome!)

But I'm definitely a haphazard knitter at best, still. A quite competent knitter who just doesn't knit that often. Hmmmm... that sort of describes a lot of things I do! Most of the knitters I know are avid, knitting every day (or at least once or twice a week). I'm sure I know other haphazard knitters, but the avid knitters outnumber them, I think. Or at least, the avid ones post more about knitting on Facebook!

Me, I'm happy to finish one or two projects a year. I like knitting, but it isn't the only thing I do. Plus, after awhile my wrists start hurting. (Why is it all my favorite things to do put stress on my wrists? Typing. Taking photos with my heavier lens. Sleeping. Oh yes, sleep wrist injuries, I get them! So annoying!)

This shawl got started last March and then set aside until now.

And I don't really knit in the spring or summer. It would have been nice to have finished this project last spring (it'd make a great shawl to take to the movies) but I didn't. Maybe because of moving. Maybe because I got busy. Who knows.

But I'm working on it again and hoping to finish it this time, so I can start on something else. (I need a new, bigger, warmer hat. And a long wool scarf would be nice, too.)

Even as a haphazard knitter, I try to finish what I start. Eventually.

Otherwise, I'd just have to frog it so I can use the needles/ yarn for something else.

C'est la vie!