Such a Productive Day!

I spent far too much time actually getting stuff done today to write:

First we all did some yard work. I Ripped out the dead/ dying mums, while M and Remy bagged all the leaves in the front yard, and then together we all planted bulbs for the spring.

When we got back inside, I asked Remy if he wanted me to help him clean his room, and so we did. I had this great idea to switch out his old bookshelf for a new (bigger) one, and then we went through a lot of old toys and decluttered/ organized. It looks so awesome now! And everything really does have a place, so we can easily retidy at the end of the day again.

I'm not exactly sure why today turned out to be so productive, but I'm looking forward to taking a long soak in the tub after Rems finally falls asleep.

I was thinking about tackling the basement this week, but I think I might hold off until we can all work on it together: doing chores together is so much fun!