Lexie Link Love

"The Care and Keeping of Spoons" edition:

I think Holiday weekends stress a lot of sensitives out. So, it did not surprise me at all that I started seeing posts about needing to pull back pop up on my google reader on Sunday.

The first one I found, though, is an older post, from last February. "Reflections on Blogging," by Terri Windling. Terri is an amazing artist and writer who has a chronic illness and her piece is on how blogging helps her conserve spoons.

Today it was announced that there is an online auction happening to benefit Terri and her family, who are fighting the financial effects of illness and legal issues. There are some amazing items being offered (a signed copy of Ysabelle by guy Gavriel Kay!).

Neil Gaiman and Wil Wheaton both announced the auction this morning, and I think the server is a little overwhelmed as a result, but be patient and hopefully it will be resolved.

Monica over at Bohemian Twillight posted about her cave time this weekend and has a good list of things that help her after a dark night of the soul.

This very personal (and potentially triggering) offering from Kate Courageous (at Your Courageous Life) "To rise. To Survive. To Thrive." is an amazing story of resilience and courage. It is worth reading for the life-changing question at the end. But please, don't read it if domestic abuse is triggering to you.

From Sweet Sky, here's an amazingly thoughtful and (yes) sweet way to care for our children's spoons (and our own at the same time): "This bridge can hold us." (I'm ruminating on ways to make this prompt non-verbal for Remy... although he already has non-verbal cues that he needs more connection, if I'm paying attention.)

Patti Digh, who finds the best poems, posted this gorgeous W.S. Merwin poem "Listen," which, while it isn't entirely about caring for our spoons, is about thankfulness, which is ultimately a way to take care of our spoons.

And finally, last but very much not least, this offering from my friend Sara at Soul Spackle: "Harvesting Surrender."  Holy Wow, indeed. Indeed.