Getting my Happy Back On

November. Not my greatest month, but not my worst month*, either.

November gives me the blues: it starts getting cold, there's that whole light issue, and it's the month before my birthday**, so really, it just can't be over with soon enough!

Oh, and for some odd reason, I almost always get horribly, awfully, terribly sick in November. Many years with bronchitis***, which lasts well past my birthday.

This week was rough, I've been struggling a lot to find my happy place and going back and forth between ok and not ok. Yesterday morning sucked. (I ended up calming down, but it was just a rough start to a sleep deprived day.)

So, today, instead of going to the movies, M and I had a lunch date instead. I dressed up a little. We held hands. We picked a Cuban place we'd been wanting to try for awhile and it didn't disappoint.

And there, amidst a faux tropical interior and yummy noms, I got my happy back and decided, screw the dark and the cold, I'm happy we moved here. My family is awesome, I love where we live, and winter is gonna be over before I can blink.

You'd think I'd had a mojito****, but no. I'm not really a lunchtime drinker. The coffee was fantastic enough.

I did however, go to bed ridiculously early on Friday night and slept uninterrupted, waking before my child. And I started taking magnesium again, which usually helps.

So, it's not like it was just going out to lunch at a magical Cuban restaurant that gave me my happy back, but seriously, doesn't that make for a better story?

Viva Cuba!
* That'd be February. My nemesis.

** I really love my birthday. Super seriously love it.

*** No whammy, no whammy, no whammy!!!! (Hopefully I got all my sick for the year over with in September/ October, with that crazy seven week thing I had.)

**** My friend B says she's going to pour mojitos on the ground / my gravestone in my memory after I go. Isn't that the sweetest? I do love my mojitos, it is true. Though I'm thinking of switching to Scotch. I dunno why, it just seems cooler. Mojitos can still be my memorial drink.