Poeming Monday


All along the waterfront, people gather.
Drunks and families (even families of drunks).
The woman sitting on the bench next to me
is eating a sandwich and gazing out across
the darkening water. The Bremerton ferry
is coming smoothly in. I wonder where my friend
who lived there is, how she is doing. So many lost
friendships, so many disconnected lives.
Yet this group, gathered, is here to honor
the sunset, honor the darkening waterfront
in all our human ways: photographs,
prayers, a moment of silence, drunken revelry.
The darkening water accepts our offers,
gives back grace and grace and only more grace,
shining and silent, majestic and undeniable.
Tomorrow another group will gather
and I'll be on a plane bound for home
and here, there and everywhere,
grace will be revealed, again and again.