At the airport, waiting. The gate next to us was departing for Amsterdam, I was just slightly jealous. Amsterdam isn't my favorite city, but I miss Europe.

Ah, Seattle. My husband is attending a conference and I'm "playing tourist" as a lovely Italian woman said to me this morning at Pike's Place. ("It's a beautiful day to play tourist, isn't it my dear?" is how she phrased it, and I couldn't have agreed more.)

Our view is incredible!

I"ve been here before, of course. Growing up on the Left Coast (just north of San Francisco), when I was in my twenties most of friends seemed to begin the exodus north -- to Oregon, or Seattle. I have road tripped up here more times than I can count easily. I haven't ever flown, though, and I haven't ever stayed downtown.

And I haven't ever had a real camera with me when I visited.

Unfortunately, I "forgot" to bring the camera cord and our netbook doesn't have the right kind of card reader for my older camera. D'oh!

So, until I return, I think there will only be iPod touch photos. Hopefully, you won't mind!

Much love and thanks to my Mother in Law and her partner, who are staying with Remy while my love and I enjoy our first trip along together since we became parents. I will have more to say on that later, but today I am going to spend enjoying my alone-time, while M is conferencing. I may even go to a fluffy movie by myself, if I don't spend the afternoon reading or taking a nap! Decisions, decisions...

But first, I have a skype date with an amazingly awesome five year old.

So much love,

alexis yael