I have voted in nearly every election I could, since I was 18.

Civic duty aside, I get a thrill from the democratic process. The paper ballots: thrilling. Electronic voting: even more thrilling. (I recognize the dangers but I still love electronics.)

The recognition that I'm one of the few people my age who bothers to vote in a non-presidential election (or hell, even a presidential election): not at all thrilling.

I see myself as part of the process. I know the process is screwed, skewed and heavily corrupt, but voting still gives me a thrill. I'd like to convince others to feel the same thrill, but I know that's a hard case to make.


Less than a hundred years ago, I couldn't have voted in this country at all.

I am a descendent of women who struggled to get the vote. I am thrilled to be doing that which they (sadly, horribly, unfairly) could not. Voting is a feminist issue.

So, yes. Today I voted. There were less than seven places to fill (most of which were county or city). It wasn't a huge vote, and turnout was low, as expected.

And as expected, if only by myself, I occupied the voter booth.


I can't wait for next year.