What We See

Seattle was a revelation to me, in more ways than one.

Meeting up with old friends, I felt seen all the way down to my soul, and it was good to laugh with them again and share our good times (and bad).

Meeting a friend I'd known for years, but only online, I felt connected in a wonderful new way. It was an easy, immediate kinship, with a lot of new laughter. 

I connected to the people in Seattle, too (though mostly on Thursday, which was my "me time"). I wrote about that on Friday. Later conversations left me feeling even more empathetic. 

And my child, our child, our absolutely amazing, happy-when-he-is-happy child, flourished with his grandma and her partner. They loved him and he loved them and it was good. Every time I called, they were playing a new game. Every time I called, I spoke to my boy and received his love.  He was aware of when we were coming home (and was so happy to see us!) but he also understood that he was being cared for, deeply, and that it was ok mommy and daddy were away.

Oh, my heart, that was an important leap for him! And for me and my love.

 Thank you, Seattle.

Thank you for seeing me, and letting me see.

Grazie, grazie, mille grazie.