Celebrating my birthday with an offering: This Wabi Sabi Life

Today, at the very moment this was scheduled to publish, I turn 37!

Once upon a time (as in earlier this year, as in July, which seems like a million years ago now) I wrote my first ebook.

And because I am me, and silly, I didn't post it here. Instead, I submitted it to the awesome 30 Days of Goddess e-course. 

Which  was (and is) wonderful for gathering new readers, but I think that since it is my birthday and I would like to offer you a gift on this day, it's time to let it come back here, so it can take its place next to my second e-book, which is already offered here.

Internet wisdom would tell me that I should make you sign up for something in order to get your copy. But I have only ever maybe sent out two emails on my newsletter. Maybe. And if you've signed up recently, maybe not even that. Oops.

I do not do the newsletter thing. (But I haven't broken up with it yet, although I probably should -- argh, I hate the word should!!! -  because having people sign up for it and then not receive anything is not cool. Not cool. Sorry about that, peeps. I'll let you know what I decide to do about this. Eventually.)

The RSS feed is an easy (totally not controlled by me! Yay!) way to get my posts in your reader, so you can click the link to sign up for that, if you'd like.

And I love facebook (as I've shared many times), so I would love it if you click "like" and joined me there, but I don't want to make this offering conditional.

This is an offering from me, from my heart. A gift from me to you. This is my life, my imperfect, wabi sabi life:  This Wabi Sabi Life. 

It is with much love to you on this, my day of birth that I give you this present. And share my love and gratitude to my parents and their parents, back to the source: thank you for this day, for my birth.

This Wabi Sabi Life. Click it. Read it. Share it.