Countdown to post 500 begins now... #498!

Today's a little different than my normal Monday. Remy woke up at 6:20, complained of a headache and went back to sleep. We let him sleep instead of waking him up an hour later to go to school because having a headache (and needing to sleep longer than usual) usually means something's up. Especially given that I had a sore throat last week...

So today's going to be a laid back, hang-out-with-my-kid kind of day.  He's actually "letting" me use the computer while he plays in the same room (sometimes when he feels bad he needs my complete attention and using the computer is a no-go), which is great. I may actually get some work done today!

Which is awesome, because I'm celebrating a big occasion this week on the blog: my 500th post!

Only two more posts to go... yay!