Festival of Lights

Hanukkah 2008

 Tonight is the start of Hanukkah, the festival of lights. 

This is the first year Remy has understood that while we celebrate Hanukkah, other friends celebrate Christmas or Kwanza (or both, or all three, or none). 

He has been waiting for this night since November, when the first (but not the last) of the grandparental gifts began arriving.  His patience has been prolific, although not without limits. Just like any five year old. So very human* and wonderful.

Next month, he'll start at his new mainstream kindergarten class. I'm (understandably, I think) a bit nervous, but so very full of pride and love. So very human (and wonderful). 
I wish you all the joy of the season, as we reach the apex of the darkening nights and the days begin once again to lengthen. 

I wish you the joy of your celebration, be it your tradition or all traditions or no tradition at all but the sound of your beating heart** and the knowledge that you are alive.

I wish you love and strength and miracles, however you define them. 

May the world know peace, soon and in our days!


* As I wrote this, thinking of all the very human emotions and events in my life, Pandora started playing this very appropriate song: Human, by the Killers.

I totally had never seen that video before! Wow, furry shoulder epaulettes. Interesting. Very interesting.

** That is cause enough to celebrate, always. And if it isn't, I wish you the knowledge that it will get better because please, believe me friend, it will. This season can be very hard on us, I know this first hand. Please reach out, if you are feeling alone.