Lexie Link Love: Friday Friends

Remy in the middle, with his two best friends...

My son teaches me so much about life. Surround yourself with your friends and you can't go wrong.

So, today's Lexie Link Love is a shoutout to some of my friends:

My souster (soul+sister) daisybones had a month of bedrest before back surgery. Here are her "lessons from silence."

My friend Kim at It's a Beautiful Wreck (who is the one who prodded me back to posting more often after I left livejournal) had a blog hiatus of her own and then came back with a teaser post: "Maybe I did, Maybe I didn't." (I'm thinking she probably did.) Join me in prodding her to return to blogging more regularly; her voice is an important one in this world!

My friend Tempest writes about passion and bringing it into your art everyday with this great "challenge to the community" post (sadly written after the unexpected passing of another dancer).

My friend Sara over at Soul Spackle is doing a month of Soul Medicine (daily journaling/ living prompts). She's on day 16 (Holy Fire) right now, but you can catch up if you want to play along.

And finally, I loved this post ("My 2011 'I Did It' List") by Stephanie over at Finding Your Voice of Truth so very much, I am doing a "My Year in Awesome" post for my upcoming 500th blog post celebration! (Actually, I may run it as post 499 -- scheduled for Sunday. We'll see.) Go write your own "I Did It!" list for the year, I think you'll be amazed at how much awesomeness happened when you look beyond the things you thought you should have done and see the things you actually did.