Look Around

On Sunday, while we were walking back to the car from our day at the park, I happened to look down and saw these leaves.

OK, "happened" is a bad description. When I have my camera with me (and even when I don't) I am constantly scanning my surroundings, looking for photos.

I believe that in within any given square foot radius, there are probably at least three awesome photos, waiting to be taken. Probably more.

These red-orange glowing leaves stopped me in my tracks.

"I'll catch up!" I called out. My child and my husband are both much quicker than me anyway, so they're used to waiting up for me, even if it does annoy them a wee bit. I try hard not to make a very regular habit of it, especially if we need to be going somewhere.

But these leaves did deserved more than a quick shot and we had time. Plus, it was my birthday.

Look up. Look down. Look Around.

Beauty is everywhere.