Miracles and Wonders

Watching the candles burn: 50mm (cropped), 1.7 aperture, 1/40s, 800 iso.
Every night this Hanukkah, as we play dreidel (Nes Gadol Hayah Sham – "a great miracle happened there"), I nod and smile and think, "A great miracle happened here." Here. With my family, with my life, with me.

The miracle is life itself.

Each breath, each moment. A wonder. A miracle.

Playing dreidel: 50mm (cropped) 1.7 aperture, 1/40s, 800 iso

I'm taking the weekend off, like most of you. Next week, I'll be posting light (just photos, perhaps a poem or two).

I'm revamping for 2012, with a whole new set of fresh ideas and game plan. (Don't worry, nothing to do with the blog, which won't change more than usual!) I had an eye opening conversation with a friend earlier this week, which gave me some ideas on how I could start using my my research talents to better serve people's needs.

And I've had some ideas of my own, as well... it's all very exciting, really!

I'll finish up the exploration of this year and get ready for 2012.

Shin, "put one in!"

Have a great one, y'all. May the wonders and miracles of your own life never cease.