my dreadlocks

Five years old, December 2011

Five years ago, yesterday, we started backcombing my hair into locks. Five years ago, today, we finished.

I had wanted them for many years, but been too afraid. Would they look ok? Would I chicken out, hate them and then have to shave my head? What would people think?

12/29 by alexisyael
Five years ago, December 2006: we unbraided each section, then backcombed. We rubber banded the ends (and some roots), which I don't recommend. I think we got them all out. We also should probably have started from much bigger braids. I'd had my hair braided in Mexico.
I found the archives of Get Up Dread Up (on livejournal) and researched the hell out of how straight hair locks up. Would I need wax? HELL NO! Would I need hours and hours of special maintenance? Mostly not. (I could do more than I do, but I prefer a more natural look and dreads are always gonna look messy on me.)

After I had Remy, I realized I did not give an iota about what other people thought. I mostly hadn't before, but having him supercharged me with moxie. 
I embraced the idea that they would be messy and crazy and mine. And oh, they were. They didn't look like real dreadlocks for at least a year and a half. (They just looked like I hadn't combed my hair in awhile, which I hadn't!)

About 2 months old, they just look messy. I still loved them.

Five years later, they're pretty damn awesome.

And I can do really silly things with them now that they are so long!

And now the number one question I get now: are those yours? (Variation: are those real?)

I've had fake dreads installed, too, so it isn't like it isn't possible. I know it is.

My pink/ pruple fake dreadlocks, circa 2004

But yes, this is my hair. This is what my hair did, given a little bit of starting knots and five years.

This morning, December 29, 2011.