Post 499: A List of Awesome Stuff I Did in 2011

\Stephanie over at posted an awesome end of the year wrap up: "My 2011 'I Did It' List."

And so, for my 499th post, I decided to write my own "I Did It" post. I encourage you to write your own, even if you only do so in your private journal or on facebook. It's important to remember that amongst the endless "To Do" lists, there is a ton of "Ta Da!" to acknowledge.

Awesomeness with the blog:

* I jumped from 399 pageviews in January to 2500 in November. My greatest number of pageviews was in October, when I had 3,065. That's not huge number of pageviews by most blogging standards but to go from 399 at the beginning of the year to over 2000 every month since April? Is really huge to me.

* I did my first blog hop.  And my first guest post.  (And they weren't my last!)

* I had my first giveaway! 

* I completed my second NaPoWriMo (national poetry writing month) in April, writing a poem every day. And I filmed myself reading one of my poems and posted it (which in itself is another huge first for me).  I'm actually considering do a 365 poetry project, although I don't think it will go on this blog, it might be more of a personal project, we'll see.

Awesomeness in my creative process:

* I wrote and designed two short ebooks. (And am writing another, which I will release tomorrow for my 500th post!)

* I shot my first paid gig. In NYC, of all the amazing places.

* I shot my first (of many?) rolls of film. 

* I photowalked and photowalked. (More times than I wrote about, by a good measure.)Yes!

* I started shooting in manual more than in aperture priority. And it has made a difference in how I am feeling about my photographic skills. (I'll still shoot aperture priority if I'm in a tricky fast-moving-kid situation.)

Awesomeness in my personal life:

* I went on a kid-free vacation with my husband. Oh, it was awesome. So very amazingly awesome.

* We bought a house.

* My kid has had huge (huge) breakthroughs this year, in his speech/ communication (etc...). Proud mama doesn't even begin to describe it. Grateful and blessed mama is much closer, yes.

* I let go of some body shame I'd been carrying around for too long. I'm still in the process of this, but it is a journey I feel fairly clear about right now.

* And I finally decided to let myself count my spoons without shame.

This was a truly amazing breakthrough year for me, so I'm sure there are other things I am forgetting, but this is, I believe, the essential list.

I am so very, very blessed.