Random Pre-Birthday Bullet Points

* I have 3 (almost 4) rolls of film sitting here on my desk (and in my camera) waiting to be developed. Oh, and a random disposable camera that I cannot remember when I shot. (It may have been shot by Remy in Alabama... I really do not remember at all!) Time for a photowalk (to finish up that last roll and then drop them off)!

* Last year's birthday re-watching of the Lord of the Rings is tempting me again this year. (If I do it, I'll start on Monday.) Especially now that we have our projector set up in the living room again. Since I just reread the series, I think it will be even more interesting to do a rewatching.

Sometimes, I think I might have been an elf in a former life.

Actually, I got teased a lot as a kid that I looked like a gelfling.

Now, there's a movie I haven't watched in a mighty long time. Netflix? (Yes! YAY!)

* Movies obviously play a huge role in my life (in graduate school, I was contemplating film studies as one of my "language" choices. I didn't finish grad school, but I have analyzed a lot of movies). We go to the movies a couple of times a month or more (having a weekly date "night" is important in my marriage and we are both huge movie geeks). Tomorrow we're going to see The Descendants. I can't actually think of a movie I have been more eager to see in awhile. (I'm not counting Cowboys and Aliens because it is embarrassing that I was looking forward to that movie so much. What a colossal disappointment!)

* One nice thing about rewatching movies is that I can usually knit during them (whereas new movies, I need to pay attention in order to not miss details/ dialogue). And I still have many rows to go on the shawl I'm knitting for myself...

* That purple flower ring in the photos? Probably the best gift I bought myself this whole year. (It was a mother's day present to myself.) I love it.

It lives on the window ledge above the kitchen sink (I'm the one who is supposed to do most of the dishes, since my husband cooks), where it makes me smile. And when I wear it, it makes me smile even more.

* I'm sort of already planning my 40th birthday celebration in my head (three years from now). I want to go someplace amazing -- Africa or Asia. (Basically, either on Safari or to the beaches of Thailand... although there are a few other countries in the running!)

Obviously, there are three years before then and everything can change in the blink of an eye, but seeing as how 4 is my lucky number and all, I've been looking forward to my 40s for a long time.

I just love birthdays -- every new year is such a gift! And to celebrate my birthday (this Sunday), I've set up a present to you, my awesometastic readers. Look for it to publish at 8:25 CST (which is the moment I was born).

Happy Weekend!