There, But Not Quite There

One of my favorite photos of the year. Taken on my birthday during my photowalk at the park, with the 50mm lens wide open (f1.7). Shutter speed was 1/500 and ISO was 100.

Blogkeeping note: yesterday, after I posted, I discovered that I had five posts in drafts. Which do not count towards my total, so just because I want to do this right, I am putting off my 500th post celebration for five four more posts.

Even though my 500th post is an arbitrary number (since, as far as I can tell, no one else but me can see those stats?), I am very proud of myself for sticking with coming back to and then sticking with this blog and I want to celebrate that number right.

Given my posting habits (i.e. not posting on Shabbat/ Saturday, mostly posting once a day) my 500th post will probably now happen on Monday.

Very exciting.

Meanwhile, this gives us more of a countdown! Even more exciting!

Do you have a favorite 500th post celebration link to share?  Let's whet our appetites!