wonderous blue light...

I got a portable light therapy device for my birthday from my amazing husband. I started using it Monday morning and while I can't quite say it's made a noticeable change in my mood levels yet I can say it has had an immediate effect on my mornings.

I usually wake up very grumpy. I'm not at all a morning person and I feel foggy. If I can sleep in for an extended period, I may feel better (less tired), but there's still a little lag when I wake up. I need extra time to be fully wide-awake. This has been true for as long as I can remember and is not dependent (so far as I can recall) on the season or where I am in the world.

Tuesday morning, the morning after I used this device* for the first time, I woke up clearheaded at about 6:45am**. Alert. Clearheaded. No fog. I was a little shocked at this.

I kinda thought it might have been a fluke***.

I did minimal yoga**** Tuesday night since I a) was sore and b) have a sore throat. Tuesday night I went to sleep even earlier and woke around the same time and felt -- despite the sore throat -- extremely clear.

Last night, I did the minimal yoga again and didn't go to sleep til past midnight*****.

And I still woke up this morning around 6:45. Wide awake. More tired, yes, (coffee please!) but my head was not foggy. I guess I knew there was a difference between tired and foggy, but I don't think I've ever felt tired in the morning without also feeling foggy.

So, this is interesting. Very interesting.

And very, very awesome.

Let the experiment continue!

* I'm using the device at the second lowest setting, for 15 minutes in the morning.

** 6:45 is about the time when my husband comes in to get dressed after his shower, so even before I started the light therapy, I was "waking up" right around that time, but usually going immediately back to sleep. I'm a light sleeper. In the past, we've dealt with that by having the clothes be in a separate area, but there are space issues at play and I am still trying to figure out where else to put his armoire.

*** Also, I had done some fairly intense yoga the night before -- I'm starting another round of 30 days of yoga -- and I fell asleep early. Which I do on a semi-regular basis and still don't wake that alert the day after. Not feeling like total crap is not the same as waking up clearheaded.

****  Minimal yoga = extremely modified sun salutations and a calf stretch.

***** I'd had the strongest Vietnamese coffee ever at lunch, because it is so super-crazy yummy, plus I watched a scary episode of Castle before bed, which was just on the border of not-a-good-idea. I love Nathan Fillion too much to give up Castle, though. 

****** I'll try to keep you updated on how the light helps with my mood as we get further into the winter!