Wordy Wednesday

I'm a little overwhelmed right now. Verklempt, you could even say. ("Talk amongst yourselves." Link goes to the one with Madonna and Roseanne and a very special guest at the end.)

I just got back from an IEP meeting and there are changes in store for our Rems. Possibly huge, awesome, amazing changes. We still have to scope out the possibilities, but I am grateful at how much thoughtfulness and care has gone into the recommendation from the IEP team.

I have been saying (and yet somehow not quite believing) that it seems like Remy would be nearly fully mainstreamed by the end of the (school) year. Well, I think the timing is going to be pushed up. I'm not sure, but it is looking that way.


Oh, it is hard. Knowing where he's come from and how very far he has come, it is so hard to believe that our "luck" will hold. That he hasn't had another stroke, that he hasn't had any other issues, that his brain has shown to be so very wonderfully plastic.

But believe I must. (And I do. Oh, I do.)

 The evidence is right before me, a boy who is now having conversations with me. Yes, it is still an emerging skill (with lots of room for development) but it is a new, wonderful, shiny thing, to be able to ask more open ended/ complex questions and have them answered.