Black Out

Today, many internet companies and people involved heavily in the internet (we who are bloggers and geeks) are protesting internet censorship with a blackout.

I'm not tech-savy enough to easily go dark (without taking down my whole site and praying that I can bring it back the next day) or big enough to pretend that my going dark would make a difference. But I can pass along links and so I shall:

Start with educating yourself about SOPA and PIPA, if you don't know what they are already. Forbes has a fairly thoughtful piece on SOPA and PIPA: "What are SOPA and PIPA and Why Are People Upset?" 

Techdirt has a more impassioned piece on SOPA/ PIPA: An Updated Analysis: Why SOPA And PIPA Are A Bad Idea, Dangerous And Unnecessary.

Wikipedia is black for the day. That's how important this is.

The Oatmeal is also black for the day, but he is (lucky us!) running a very funny slideshow in protest of PIPA and SOPA. You can go read it, I'll wait.

Google did not go black (can you IMAGINE?) but has a link for people to take action.

Signing this petition is a good start. Looking up your state's representatives and finding their position is also important: use this handy chart.

Save the Internet has a handy widget you can use to get the phone numbers for your senators.  

Make sure they hear your voice!

(I was disappointed to find out that my favorite liberal state senator is in favor of SOPA/ PIPA. I have written him before and he will be hearing from me on this issue again as I plan on making some phone calls today.)