I think one reason why I am drawn to the "golden hour" light is that I regularly miss half my opportunities to see it.

Afternoon is my time. Morning (especially pre-dawn) is not. Oh, in my wilder, youthful days, I may have stayed out and stumbled home around (or after) dawn, and wondered at the glory of the light before shutting all my curtains tight and crawling into bed. But I never got out the camera to capture it. (In part because in those days, everything was film, and for me that meant a crappy point and shoot film camera. And then a not-so-crappy digital point and shoot, around when we moved into the 21st century.)

But occasionally in this motherhood gig (and in the "sharing one car" gig), I now get to see the dawn. And I'm mostly going to bed early enough that this doesn't cause me great consternation the way it used to, when (for example), I had to get up to work at 4am once a week.

And oh, how worthwhile it is, that golden light at the dawning of the day.

I'm still not a morning person, but I'll happily take out a day pass every now and again and enjoy the view.