expired, damaged 35mm film

Straight outta camera (aside from my url). Summer 2010.

I mentioned yesterday that I had two old rolls of film that I found and had developed.

One I knew about. It was a roll from a disposable camera that I took on our last inner tubing trip in the summer of 2010, before we moved up here to NJ. It got wet and the first time I tried to get it developed, the counter guy gave it back to me and said to wait a few weeks til it dried out before bringing it in again.

A few weeks or a year and a half? Better late than never?

The second disposable camera was a complete mystery. I could not remember where I had shot it.

Cropped, red eye reduced. May 2008.

As soon as I saw the images, I knew: our trip to California in May 2008. Remy was two. Oh so very cutely two. I still have no idea where or why I had a disposable camera (maybe someone gave it to me)? But I wish I'd had more. And I love how the film degraded and aged even though it isn't as noticeable as the burnt marks in the waterlogged film.

Straight outta camera. Summer 2010.

The colors are surreal and awesome.

Now, there's no way in hell I am ever gonna submerge my slr, but since I can remove the film after I shoot it, I could maybe experiment with adding some water and letting it dry before I get it processed. Hmmmm...

Cropped. May 2008.

And instead of waiting forever to get the film processed, I'm going to experiment with some expired film (I just bought a batch on etsy yesterday). I'll still experiment with Porta, but expired film may be where it's at, right now, for me.

And eventually I'll start shooting the 120 film stash I was given... just as soon as I get a camera for it. (Or figure out how to modify my 620 camera, i.e., buy a new uptake spool.)