flowering in winter

The dandelions in the cracks of our stairs are still alive and (slowly) growing. Even blooming! One of the buds seems about ready to seed!

This fascinates me, because according to the calendar, it is January! Last year, there was definitely snow on the ground by this point, and this year we've had one freak snowstorm (in October) and maybe some flurries since.

This has been a thankfully, blessedly easy winter so far.


I needed an easy winter, so thank you to whoever I can thank. Thank you all.


This photo was taken with my dslr with the 50mm lens wide open (f1.7) in bright sun with 100iso. Normally, I'd stop down a little (or use a different lens), because at 1/4000s (the fastest shutter speed of my camera!), it was still pretty overexposed. Ugh.

(This was part of a series of shots I took the other day trying to figure out the extent of my lens issue... I have put off getting it cleaned or replacing it and I need to just buck up and get it done. It's possibly starting to stick even wide open. Sigh.)

Needless to say, I had to post-process this to get an image I liked. Once again, I ran the Lomo action on it via picnik.com and then tweaked the contrast and shadows.