helper of mankind

I love to help people.

My given name, Alexis, which I take as the foundation of my embodiment while I'm here, means "Helper of Mankind." It's poetic enough, in translation, that I don't even bother trying to change the gender unneutralness of it. ("Helper of People" just doesn't ring as much, sounds more like a commercial.)

And I really, really, really like to help people.

I mostly do this online, but in real life, I am also exceedingly, sometimes overly helpful.

I literally disarmed someone with helpfulness once, although that didn't stop me from being held hostage when I went to the back of the store a second time, to see what was going on. (At that point, the men were masked, so they had no choice, right? And I'm helpful but I'm not stupid.)

Two weeks ago, a friend helped me figure out one way I could use my research talents to help people (and make a little spending money). I didn't even see it coming (though I had a week to try to parse what her brilliant idea was) but once the words were out of her mouth I knew it would be something I would be great at and which would make me feel good because I would be helping artists.

I will be doing SEO and relevancy search reviews for etsy listing. Analyzing and writing tags, titles and helping craft great item descriptions.

This combines my love of internet geekery with my writing skills. (I'm tempted to also offer photo critiques and possibly edits, but there are many more people selling that service on etsy, so for now I'll focus on offering my writing and editing skills.)

I'm in beta testing now (I've done two tests and will do two more).

When I'm available for hire, I'll put a link up at the top of the blog, next to those ebooklettes I love so much. I'll probably make an announcement or two. But I don't want this blog to get markety. No ads. Maybe a giveaway. I'll be marketing via guest posting and word of mouth. This blog is not a marketing tool, it is a labor of love and something I hope is helpful.

And if you ask me something simple on facebook, I'm still gonna reply for free.