in my kitchen

Yesterday, I got linked through to a new (to me) blog that inspired me.

You see, Tiff over at freeplaylife is hosting a 52 weeks to a Freeplaylife! challenge (which is really fun in and of itself, but that isn't the point here) and this week's challenge was self portraiture.

Obviously, I'm really into self-portraits.

But I've been feeling kinda stale about them lately. Self-portraits in bathrooms? Check. Turning the camera over (or using the iPod)? Check. Blah blah blah.

 Until Tiff posted a link on her facebook page and suddenly ZAM, I got inspired.

Self Portraits Are Kinda Like Pap Smears

(Go read it, I'll wait. It was awesome, wasn't it?)

Anyway, it occurred to me that I probably do not have a single photo of me in the kitchen. (OK, possibly there might exist a photo of me in a kitchen when I was a teenager.)

And also? Some of my very favorite family photos are of people in their kitchens.

(My mom once stood/ crouched on my grandma's kitchen counter to take paparazi style photographs during the week we were all there for my grandpa's funeral, so I come by this naturally, I think.)

Of course, I had to put my own spin on things, with the blur.

This one might be my favorite.

I liked this project a lot. And it gave me more ideas for places to do self-portraits.

And there's another post on Erika's site that made me seriously consider doing a 366 project this year. I have contemplated doing one for awhile, but her slideshow really did inspire me.

As I mentioned yesterday, this week has been difficult, emotionally.

Creativity wasn't on my self care list yesterday, but of course it is essential.

Essential to living. Essential to being.


This project was a great mini pick me up burst of creative juice.

13 photos (3 not shown).

It took maybe ten minutes (set up, positioning the camera, running back to position while the timer beeped...).

And as a result, I started to feel a bit brighter. A bit calmer. A bit more grounded.

There's something about the kitchen that does that. Calms and grounds and heals.


(And also my goodness, my locks are getting long, aren't they???)

I encourage you to play along with the freeplaylife challenge! Even if you don't link up. It's awesome to get a little more freedom and play in your life!