I've spent a lot of time taking care of our house this past week.

I'm not the kind of person who has floors you can eat off of, but I (mostly) successfully kicked my tendency towards extreme sloth when I was in my early twenties, when I found a great online resource called

These days, I try to follow flylady's 15 minutes of picking up rule (that is, keep the house within 15 minutes of being neat). There are many other flylady rules I don't follow (actually, I'm pretty much off that system and onto my own now, but that's another book!) but the heart of the system works for me: do shorter tasks regularly, don't keep clutter, have a place for everything.

We were having a challenge keeping up with Remy's artwork (he is drawing and writing a lot these days). I've tried giving him notebooks (which he likes and uses) but he still wants to make creations out of loose paper.

So, last week, I rearranged the downstairs to have more clearly defined art spaces for him. (Which also works out to more clearly defined non-art spaces for him, so we can keep the paper out of certain rooms... see how that works?) Including a recycling bin right next to where he creates. This worked out pretty damn amazingly, reminding me once again how important systems are.

And as it usually works for me, rearranging one part of the house led me towards ideas about rearranging other parts of the house, so yesterday I hauled some furniture around and rearranged the upstairs to put all my clothes in one spot (the landing at the top of the stairs -- there are no closets in either of the upstairs bedrooms). Now our bedroom feels much clearer.

I didn't get rid of much, but I did go through my clothes and got rid of a few things that were cluttering up the space.

The hardest thing to release was the last of the maternity clothes. It felt like saying goodbye to our third baby all over again. And compassion-towards-self time: I still have one box of Goodmama diapers and five, yes five, baby carriers. Two mei tais, a mei hip, a pouch and a homemade wrap. They need to find the right home.

I am so deeply blessed to have found my right home.