I got completely sidetracked just now thinking I would pick a favorite photo from each month last year to put in an album for myself (and perhaps showcase here). I thought I could be quick and decisive, hahaha.

January was easy -- this photo was my etsy icon for awhile. It was exactly the photo I wanted to take when I took it. I love it when that happens.

February was also fairly easy -- this photo reminds me of a favorite day.

(And OMG, we had so much snow last year!)

March got tougher, but this self-portrait reminds me of coming out of a really deep tailspin and that is a good memory.

Then I got to April and there's too many choices. Flowers starting to bloom! Our friends wedding! My family! When spring springs, I get a burst of creative energy and it shows in my photos. Oh, how I love spring.

And anyway, I don't know why I arbitrarily decided to pick one photo from each month. It's raining and I guess rain in winter makes me feel sentimental, since there's so much rain in the winter in Northern California, where I grew up.

I'll finish this project. I may do a couple different categories, but I think a random "favorite photo that hits me at this moment" is a good first category.

It's good for me to flex my "make a choice" muscle, since I tend towards wanting to include everything.

Inclusion is an awesome thing, when we're talking about people. But in terms of making a portfolio or deciding what to send off for publication, not so much. (Or even culling down the digital photos so there aren't 15 million vying for my attention. Sigh. I am getting better at deleting the very wrong ones, that's a start.)

So today I'll spend some time strengthening my inner editorial eye. I got a lot of practice doing that with poetry and writing when I was at university. I'm a mostly self-taught photographer, though, so I have to do the work and keep practicing and there isn't anyone but me to make sure I keep learning. 

Perhaps getting sidetracked wasn't such a bad thing, today.

 DSLR, 50mm lens f1.7, 1/2500s, 100iso.