home away from home...

Tomorrow, I'm taking Remy on a trip to visit the majority of his grandparents, in Northern California. (My dad and his wife live in Texas, they are the only grandparents we won't be visiting.)

Home. Or really, my home away from home, since I am very much home in NJ now.

Although I was born in Texas, I was raised in California, and I still very much consider myself a Californian, at heart. The west coast is my touchstone, the area of the world where I feel most at ease.

I'm hoping we get a chance to go to the beach (winter in Northern California is a great time for a walk on the beach) and I'm excited to be taking Remy to visit all his beloved grandparents (three sets in CA, he is a lucky boy!). It's going to be a very short visit, but worthwhile.

One thing I am not so sure of is blogging. I am hoping to be able to keep to my usual schedule (Mon-Fri), but traveling being what it is, I cannot make any promises. I will do my best.

And I will have many photos on my return. (While I am away, I will only be able to share photos I take on my iPod touch, after I get back, I can share the ones I take on my dslr.)

Have a wonderful (four day, if you're in the US) weekend!